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Using Peppermint to Keep Mice Out of Stored Vehicles, Boats, and Equipment

Using Peppermint to Keep Mice Out of Stored Vehicles, Boats, and Equipment

Rodent Armor Mouse Repellent

No one likes the site of a mouse, and even worse than that, the site of a mouse in your vehicle, boat, or equipment.  Mice and rats can wreak havoc on the wiring under the hood, in the dash, as well as the interior vehicle.  This can lead to pesky check engine lights, and worse, your vehicle leaving you stranded.

With a push for today's vehicles to be more environmentally friendly, auto makers are using "soy based" insulation in the wiring as well as other appetizing ingredients in plant based seat cushions and head liners.  When cold weather sets in, mice move to a warm engine compartment to get cozy, then move about about the vehicle looking for food sources.  Wiring has always been a "go to" for mice and once they've starting chomping, the damage can be in the $1000 plus range.  Worse yet, the damage can go unnoticed and your vehicle can leave you stranded once wiring finally breaks.  Mice nests can also lead to fires in the engine compartment which can result in a total loss.  If no preventive measures are taken, this can happen over and over again.

Mice and rats also seem to always find their way into vacant garages, shops, and barns where equipment such as tractors are stored, as well boats, RV's, PWC's, ATV's and other toys while not in use.  The vacant garage makes a nice quiet place for the mouse to go to work doing damage without being disturbed. 

So the question, how does one put a stop to this?  Traps work well, but who knows how many mice are in the area.  With fields or tall grass in the area, the numbers can be in the 100's.  There are numerous poisons that are effective at killing mice, but that leaves the question: where will they go to die?  The answer, some place warm, quiet, and hidden such as your walls, or worse the firewall in your vehicle, equipment cab, or beloved boat. 

So how do you go about preventing mice infestations?  In combination to the previous two, the best measure to keep mice out an area in the first place is to repel.  Mice rely heavily on scent, and peppermint is not a smell that they are fond of.  Natural Elements Rodent Armor is formulated with a stout dose of peppermint and natural surfactants that break up the oils and make the smell even more powerful.  The smell lasts for up to two weeks and can be reapplied as needed.  Mice do not want to go near it, and on a positive note, the formula is 100% natural, safe around your family, and safe around pets right after spraying.

For best results when applying a peppermint repellent do the following:

Indoor Use:  Use in kitchens, pantries, counter tops, behind appliances,  cabinets, shelves, basements, and attics.  Spray product 6 to 8 inches from surface, spray until surface is wet.

 Outdoor Use:  Use on the perimeter of the home.  Spray the perimeter of the home or surface generously in order to form a barrier.  Spray all cracks, doorways, window sills, or anywhere that mice or rodents may enter the home. 

 Vehicles:  Spray around wheel wells and tires, anywhere that mice can enter the vehicle.  Spray the undercarriage of the vehicle for best results.


Keep the mice out with Rodent Armor!



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